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Thanks for the replies. I’m realizing the day I posted was over of ” those days”. Within a month or two I’ll be able to do my commutes off hours and handle emails from home- when I go from hourly to salary. We’ve had a monthly cleaning service since April and it’s a godsend. Since our son moved up to toddler and his tuition dropped this month, I’m looking to use part of the savings to send out my shirts (a solid half our laundry time is washing and ironing them) and also possibly get a nanny a couple afternoons a week when my wife travels so I can have an extra set of hands. We can afford all this stuff now, it’s just hard for us to accept we need help. We both were brought up in fiercley independent, diy, blue collar households. Our parents were the ones getting hired, not doing the hiring.

This too shall pass. Thanks everyone!