Reply To: Academically-Inclined Folks w/ADHD?


Ooh, I could have written your post! Your experience sounds so similar to mine. I did great in school and didn’t know what to do with myself once school was over. I think curiosity and the satisfaction I got from my hyper focus being rewarded with good grades helped me excel but I always procrastinated and stressed about schoolwork. I either also took an inordinate amount of time (even on projects that didn’t matter that much) or else completely blew them off because the stress of perfectionism was too much. While I did well in all subjects, I found history difficult as I could not keep track of any sort of timeline or geographical order in my head. Chemistry also gave me trouble because I was uninterested, had trouble following lab directions, and could not visualize the concept of atoms and such. I was always a good test taker in that I was often able to deduce the correct answer just because of how the question was asked, without previously studying.

My son (7 years old) is really sharp in school and a total mess otherwise, just like me. He could tell you all about the solar system or dinosaurs or Ancient Egypt, or whatever else has temporarily captured his interest, but he can’t be bothered to tie his shoes, make the bed, or even get to school on time even though it is literally a block away from our back door.

I think that’s one of the most troubling things about ADHD. So much passion, intelligence, creativity, or other gifts and not enough executive skills to make them as useful as they could be. I guess that’s the beauty of teamwork!