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Hi ,

I was diagnosed at 6 yrs old I was told re-diagnosed at 52 I am now 60. I have been taking the meds and going to counseling for about the last 8 years.

What I discovered is I have a learning disability. Depression kicked in along with rapid bi-polar. Once the meds were straightened out and I started listening when going to counseling. Things have gotten better.

Learning how to think like an adult has been the challenge with the ADHD. Getting overall the shame from a lifetime of non-treated ADHD is a little tougher. I can be so stubborn. Don’t like people telling me what to do, even if it’s me.

I wish i was 22 or even 30 again with the knowledge you guys have. Something is not right you are correct in saying that. I believe ADHD can be treated and dealt with medication but not without counseling. We just need to re-learn.

I am not sure how many summers I have left but you guys have way more than I do,you will work it out. Sometimes it’s comfortable sitting in our own stew. It’s familiar. I am just in a tad of a hurry so i have been rapidly learning how to turn this problem into an asset.