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I am by no means claiming to have expert advice. But has NLD ever crossed your frame of reference? I’m asking because i see myself within your situation. I can often be or come across as well spoken when conveying myself or information to others face to face but to organize my thoughts and do that spontaneously or on paper is an overwhelming fail. I’m not sure if i have NLD and ADD both though. Im diagnosed with ADD (altho not as a result of attending the school system in childhood, as is usual). And when researching ADD i came across NLD. Realised my mother is a textbook case and how many features of it i have (the majority). As currently understood one can have both NVLD and ADD. But i am recently curious about this. NLVD is a spatial processing deficit and executive functioning deficits. I’m wondering if its all a spectrum of EFD, executive functioning disorder. With other things added in. I have very poor visual processing, spatial awareness and poor fine motor skills. So I believe i def qualify as NVLD. The main or distinguishing component of NVLD is a lack of spatial processing. If you read about spatial processing and what it is used for in the brain i promise you will be shocked by how many things it pertains to. How many things our brains are supposed to use spatial awareness for. How many ways it affects people by being without it. And there are always exceptions. For instance while my mother has a very significant level of NVLD she loves to read (which is not too uncommon for nvld) but she loves to read because her mind is able to create vivid imagery. And my mind just doesn’t do that when i read. So she reads fiction. And i read non-fiction. Another example of peoples differences is i read of a mother explaining her son has every symptom expected of NVLD except he can “maths”. Lol. As my mom calls it. Anyway i know this is little known of. So I’m spreading the word. If it helps then awesome. *It is also little known that contrary to some information found on the topic medications CAN help NVLD.* Its just as far as we know right now a much smaller percentage of the NVLD population is helped from medication than that of ADD.
Also side note while my mom has NVLD and my mom and my dad created only me, one child, all of my dads 6 kids have adhd. (Unless i only actually have NLD).