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as a therapist with 8 kids, some of whom have ADHD and having inattentive adhd myself, there is so much more to dealing with it than JUST parenting or medication. although parenting is especially important, just to do that is going to differ with each child. what each child needs is consistency. decide what your boundaries are and where you need to draw the line with your child, write them down and what the consequences will be and go over this with your child, in a very matter of fact way. explain that when they act a certain way, what you as a parent hear is that they really want negative consequences. There are potentially negative or positive consequences to everything and it is their choice what they receive. Make this clear. then FOLLOW THROUGH! this is the most critical point as it teaches them that others will do this as well, in job placemment and as well as with their own children, who will be your grandchildren.