Reply To: Might Help Others


The daily struggle is real! I can relate to so much of what I’m reading here. A friend just told me about this group and this subscription and it’s the first resource I’ve found that I can relate to..on so many levels! I have always been able to keep the balls up in the least until recently. I have had a series of pretty major life events occur over the last couple of years and I find myself in a place where, rather than succeeding and being able to “rally” almost always at the last minute to ensure success at work, school, home.. now the balls are dropping with very little success anywhere. Work has become an issue, my house looks like a tornado came through AND I have 2 elementary school kids (having kids late in life was one of my major life events)to try and successfully parent. One with ADHD. Makes for a fun time around homework and teacher visits!
Oh, I could go on and on. I’m mostly rambling here but I’ll end with this..I’m looking forward to the help I will find by reading these comments and getting this subscription. I know I need it. SOS!!! Also, I wasn’t diagnosed until recently when I finally made the difficult decision to medicate my son. When I saw what a life changer it was for him, i decided to get the help for myself. I was a child at a tome when these conditions weren’t recognized. I have used so many coping mechanisms over the years..most of them are no longer working nowadays. Thanks for any feedback or shared experiences you have for me.