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I have started shopping at our 3 health
Food stores here and when they have their 20%
Off sales then I can get the more natural
Shampoos/rinses, underarm deodorants,
Ingredients for dishwasher soap, laundry
Soap, toothpowder,essential oils,
Reusable straws, grew some tomatoes,
Purple peppers, squash and cucumbers.
Tomatoes are the only thing that has
Produced anything as of yet. We’re
Using olive oil and coconut oil now
And can use them as carrier oils with
The essential oils so they don’t burn
Our skin. We are also trying to have smoothies
Every morning too. Our 11 year old
Is on supplements and in a study at
Our university and our 14 year old is on
ADHD Medicine, his third try. It’s been
Such a struggle getting them diagnosed
And then learning all of the changes
And implementing them that I feel like my head
Will explode. So adding in some adults
Who can’t be bothered to learn about
This disorder, is last on my list.
I don’t have time to educate, then
Re-educate them because they can’t seem
To want to learn because then THEY
Have to change their ways. They are
Missing out/missed out on two awesome boys
and I feel sad for the 4 of them People
Make their own choices and then they
Have to live with the consequences.
I have zero patience for people who
Expect everyone to change just for
Them and then act like a victim! Your girls are
Obviously old enough and mature enough to
Make those connections, and as sad as it
Is, it is what it is until they buck up
and stop making everyone uncomfortable
Because they don’t understand. You are so right
About if it was a visible disability
They would treat her differently! Maybe
Your youngest got ADHD from one of
them? Lol I am not special nor am I
Boasting about anything, and I hope
That comes across. I like Mike, like to help if
I am able, that’s all. I believe and
Have believed since pregnancy, that
It takes a village to raise our babies
And I still believe it, maybe even
More now.