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Hi Violet, WOW!! You sound like a VERY strong woman even if you aren’t feeling like one.
I am so sorry to hear of all the action happening in your life/household, and there will
Be a light at the end of the tunnel, it will take time, but you will see it. I have
Two boys 11 and 14 who were both just diagnosed within the last four months as well as me
Also having Adult ADHD! It’s been a real party
Here, especially this summer! The things
That we are trying is essential oils,
Crystals (shungite, black tourmaline,
Amethyst, labradorite and Rose Quartz
Have helped a lot too. The first two crystals
Help with grounding and protection and
With EMFs. We turn wifi off at night which
Has helped with sleep. We all sleep better
And feel more rested in the morning. Salt
Lamps help with EMFs too, but also clean
The air. We threw away all of our personal
Products like shampoo/rinse, soap and a
Big one was toothpaste! We use a remineralized
Toothpowder that detoxes the mouth, reverses cavities and polishes our teeth like we
Just came from the dentist! I also threw
Out all our chemical cleaners and air
Fresheners and diffuse or make cleaner
Using essential oils. I am NOT crafty,
I like convenience but I want to help my
Boys more. I’m also checking into the
Neuro-Feedback that PlayAttention has
Introduced me to. We are a one income
Family and I’m going to see if the disability
Program, offered here in Canada, will fund or help us to get it to help improve their
Executive skills. I’m also trying desperately
To get it into our local schools to help
Other students that are struggling and will
Continue to struggle through their lives!
This program would give at risk children
this important information, that they most
Certainly won’t get any other way, into their
Lives, making what I think, a SIGNIFICANT
Impact and difference in and on their
lives! I have been learning everything I possibly can about ADD/ADHD and how to
help our boys to be successful and boost
their self esteem. There’s a website I
Just found called Totally ADHD Rick Green
is the guy it’s about, but he makes it
interesting as he’s a comedian as well as
has ADHD himself, and full of great information.
I am struggling too as I have just gone on
ADHD meds myself for the first time in my life,
and I’m feeling somewhat less anxious
and scattered. So it’s a bit of a gong show here
too. I swear my husband (their dad) has
It too, but of course he doesn’t see it
at all! Lol I’m very discouraged some days,
Plus I just had my 4th bowel resection
Last August and a total knee replacement surgery
Three months later, so still recovering
From the knee surgery. But knowledge is power and I told my boys that. I said learn all
you can about ADHD so you are informed
and not a victim. Having this doesn’t mean
mean a death sentence or anything bad!
it is something we all have and is like
having blonde hair or brown eyes! It doesn’t
have to ruin your life. Find what interests
you and make a goal to learn all you can
about it and see if it’s something you
really want in your life. Baby steps can
turn into the greatest things in life. When I
Give time outs, I put a TED talk on (if I can
Find something that they just did then I use
It as a teachable moment, or it’s just funny
To me to watch them squirm because they HAVE to
Listen to it. It’s amazing what they have learned.

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