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My in-laws, one of which has ADHD in a big way
But won’t get tested, is the same way.
I think it would be harder in your situation as it’s your parents. Try getting some information about ADD/ADHD and have it “laying“ in your bathroom with nothing else to read, maybe they’ll read it then! Lol I know they/she thinks I’m making excuses for my boys, but if they don’t want to accept them as they are, there’s nothing I can do except be more supportive to my boys and if that means I don’t get to spend much time with the in-laws, so be it. It is the adults who need to be accommodating and especially in the children’s house. I’m so very sorry that this has happened and so sad to hear your daughters words of hurt and disappointment. Did you tell your parents that this is how she feels and told you those words? Maybe that would
Open their eyes, heart and soul to the fact that they are noticeably hurting their grand baby. and that THEY need to make a change as they are all missing precious time that will never be given back. Plus harbouring useless resentment and robbing everyone involved of this precious relationship Thai is being tossed aside. Good luck, and I truly hope that they make the obvious change and so the harsh and uncomfortable feelings go away.🙏❤️