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That is amazing that you stopped all those addictions. I experienced the same. i got sober 30 years ago..I wish I would of had the Adderall back then with good counseling.

The depression I was suffering from was from being bipolar maybe they can test you for that. I say this because since i have been on this medicine my life has gotten better. I have what they call rapid bi-polar. That’s not the right term but in a nutshell, my ups and down used to go on daily. now is leveled out.It’s a different type of depression.

But what really got my attention with your comment is the fact you quit drinking three years ago.

That’s a long time not to take a drink, unfortunately, you are still withdrawing believe it or not. I couldn’t even pronounce some of the emotions i was feeling my first 5 years of recovery.

Meetings help a lot of counseling session are a must if you’re taking Adderal or any stimulant. You have been self-medicating for years and you finally surrendered. Find a counselor you trust and learn how to live without a drink, porn, etc.

Be patient with yourself. Its tough business. I dont know you but i’m proud of your efforts.