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I have been subjected to the urine test for the past year, and can certainly relate to the shame/humiliation. My new doctor (my prior PCP retired) requires it monthly. Initially, this struck fear in me because I do not enjoy being a slave to any kind of drug–this would mean I would be REQUIRED to take it whether I felt it necessary or not. This past visit, my doctor informed me that there was no trace of Adderall in my urine. What?? I take it daily, and I had taken it that day, just 30 minutes prior to my appointment, along with every other day that week (although admittedly I don’t take the full dose most days because I prefer to keep some on reserve in the off chance that I forget to go to the pharmacy in time–or if I happen to be traveling out of state). Additionally, I choose to reserve the full dosage on days where I feel I explicitly need it (i.e. work days). As everyone is well aware, the body builds up a tolerance over time and I intend to avoid this from happening to some degree if possible (God forbid I ask for a higher dose should the current dose become ineffective–then I would most certainly be labeled a drug-seeker. No thank you!). Because I knew I had taken the Adderall, and feeling rather humiliated and upset that my doctor had, in so many words, accused me of lying (which would imply that I was what, selling it on the street???) I mentioned that I had been monitoring my blood pressure for the past year, and that since my blood pressure was elevated, couldn’t this be a result of taking Adderall? Her response was to write me a prescription for blood pressure medication, and send me off with another referral to a behavioral health center. I am humiliated and upset. I have been taking Adderall (originally Vyvanse until my insurance provider changed) for the past 7 years. It has helped me tremendously in my work and daily life, and I am now being forced off of it without so much as an explanation. I have never abused it or taken more than my prescribed dose, and I feel that I am alone in this. I do not want to return to the doctor who accused me of not taking my medication, but I fear that changing providers will cause me even more issues/jumping through hoops–simply because I want to continue taking the medication that has helped me for years. Any advice is greatly appreciated!