Reply To: Concerta Headache


I’m on the same dose: 72mg Concerta in the morning. If I take it at 7am I’m a monster by 3(time to pickup kids from school). My psychiatrist prescribed 5mg methylphenidate to take at 2pm (no later or you may build a pumpkin carriage until midnight). It helps a bit, but I’m still a grouch with a headache when it wears off at 5 or 6. Taking a vitamin B complex at noon, and Nuun electrolyte tablet (with 40 mg of caffeine) between 1 and 2pm helps. Eating protein, NOT skipping meals helps, ibuprofen if it’s really bad.

Hang in there. I totally get it. Unfortunately, Concerta has been the best med for me yet, so I’m willing to work with the crash.