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Oh, I got you here. I can offer up a solution: Your morning routine begins the night before.

I think most, if not all, of us are really NOT with it in the morning. We’re sleepy. We’re stupid. Our brains are glitching even when we’ve gotten down meds. This is absolutely just not the time of day you want to be trying to remember things (“Where did I put my keys?”) or make decisions (“What am I going to wear today?”). These things should all be taken care of in the evening before bed when your brain actually WORKS.

Make yourself a simple routine and put it and a reminder in your phone to go off every night at the same time. It need only be 3 basic items:

1. Check your schedule for the next day. Do you have a meeting? Do you have something you have to to bring to work? Is it Casual Friday and you desperately want to wear jeans?

2. Gather up everything you need to bring to work and put it by the door: purse / backpack, phone, keys, etc. If you bring a lunch, make it the night before and have it sitting packed and ready to go in your fridge.

3. Lay out tomorrow’s clothes. Pick what you’re going to wear (like a suit for that meeting or a nice pair of jeans for Casual Friday, etc.) down to underwear and accessories and put all of it in a designated spot, like a hook on your bedroom wall.

The goal is to not have to THINK. At all. You have been kind to yourself and done all those things for yourself so you can just go through the motions and get out the door. (BONUS: Going through a ritual like this at the same time every night also signals your brain that you’re winding down and getting ready to end your day. Very good sleep hygiene.)

This is the answer for the ADHD aspect of the problem. And it works. As for not sticking with things, if you will not stick with this, I think this is a much deeper issue than ADHD. You may need to speak with a therapist or your doctor about the problem.

Good luck!