Reply To: Might Help Others


ellrchl- that’s not rambling, that’s speaking my language! To you and everyone else who posted and lives with ADD/ADHD, I wish we lived near each other so we could give each other that face-to-face support. I am a 42yr old single mom, diagnosed 3 years ago this month. Still struggling to find a support team. So frustrating and discouraging. What I did learn was that in order to get the help that I need, I need to learn what it is that I need help with.

We are definitely unique. Awareness of what I am dealing with in regards to myself has been huge. At least now when a supervisor says to me, “But all of the other girls (co-workers) can do it…” I can just laugh instead of cry.

This is officially my first post. Thank you all who participated in this post for being a part of my first post! Stay strong, stay aware and pay attention to yourself and your needs!