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I don’t know why this post came in my e-mail this morning when the original was written in May , but it was like talking directly to me. 1/2 hour late to work today AGAIN. I too have suffered from the “get-out-of-the-house” struggles. Taking my meds 2 hours before I need to get up has helped. My boss is pleading with me to get it together so she doesn’t have to write me up. She also shared that I have not been given certain tasks (that would progress my career and include traveling-which i love) because of my inability to be dependable enough. Interesting irony is that I never have trouble getting up when I am out of town, probably because it is new and requires a lot of my attention. Today the reason was that my first alarm didn’t go off, which meant I did not take my meds early and had to literally force myself to get out of bed and into the shower. Once I am in the shower, it’s better, but getting there is so-o-o-o hard and requires a lot of self-motivation and focus. This job is the best I’ve ever had for ADHD–involved and varied with few fast deadlines and new projects all the time. If they would just let me set my own hours, all would be well. I do put more than 40 hrs/week into my work, and it is mostly computer chart reviews. So why must our society demand this rigid requirement to the clock? I MUST adapt to this one limitation at work to enjoy the job I love.