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I have smoked haschish/marijuana everyday more or less since 1969. I was a hippie and child of my time. I have seen all kind of people and ages smoke pot. A few didn´t like it, some did something else, other moved away etc. I think everybody have a chemical landscape in their brain which is unique from others landscape. And we don´t know why someone respond in different ways using same medication. All medicines doesn´t help everyone. It´s the same with marijuana.
Some got lazy, some even got a psychos and another got calm and so forth. In my case a need the THC to get inspired to do anything at all. I use to say that I need Elvanse to have the energi and THC to get the will to live.
And what´s the big differens from legal substances which make us in an other mood. It can´t be more dangerous than alcohol for example. Smoke if you feel good and don´t if you can´t handle it och feel bad. As long as it don´t drag you down in relations and partnership and workinglife and responsibilities and you can afford it.
When I grow up no one have ever heard of diagnosis and dysfunctional behavior and treatment or medicin like Ritalina didn´t exist. Instead I was called obstinat, rebellious and stubborn etc. And I was.
And I must say that today I can see that my smoking was self medicating. Life tend to be easier and not so boring when I smoke pot.My sensibility increase and I become more easy-going and varm-hearted.
Nothing in my life gets better without marijuana as it does without alcohol, speed, opiats , and other drugs.
Legalize it and use the money to science and knowledge of psychological matters. To smoke or not is a small problem when it comes to our worlds big problems. The climate change, pollution, starvation, war etc.
Love. peace and understanding is still the answer.