Reply To: Might Help Others


Ditto! I’ve found that if I can tie other visual/physical reminders to a habit that’s already established I’m more likely to remember. My morning coffee is definitely an established habit ;), so I’ve tied a lot of morning tasks to that. My bottle of gummy women’s multi-vitamins sits next to the coffee pot (I will start turning it upside down now after taking them, that’s a great tip! Can’t say how many times I’ve probably taken a double dose – lol!) My blender, protein powder, and to-go cups are also next to the coffee pot, so I’m more likely to get out the door with some sort of breakfast protein.
I also drop my lunch box near the coffee pot when I get home, so I remember to fill it up in the morning (unless someone decides to “clean up” the countertop, ugh). Then, I drop it at the front door immediately after packing it in the morning, so I have to trip over it on the way out. 😀 Much fewer forgotten lunches with spoiled yogurt etc. waiting for me when I get home… Although most lunches are still what I can throw together in 5 minutes bcuz I didn’t prep the night before. I keep a lot of Greek yogurt, string cheese, nuts, and fruit on hand. (But, often forget to include a spoon for the yogurt, oh well it’s a good start ;).
And yes, I have literally tied my morning meds to my tooth brushing routine – a pill bottle is attached to my toothpaste with a rubber band :D.
It’s so liberating to have a forum where we can share all of these crazy things we have to do just to get out the door in the morning, and help each other, instead of being judged and labeled all those awful things most of us grew up with…Thank you!! 🙂