Reply To: Might Help Others


As you can imagine I haven’t read any of the inputs above… and I’m sorry. I’ve been falling apart for the last 5 yrs approximately… although I’ve excelled in my career and the fall out as if it was one unification bestowed on me from above.
As I sought out which post I should tag into… I’ve recited several songs in my head… I can’t remember the last time I heard… I’ve thought about treating my nails… bit off my nails as I tried to remember what I was doing. Invited a friend out for a meal… hung out my washing… checked on my cats whereabouts.
I’m incredibly tired.
Being me was such a buzz when I was younger, but the older I get and the less energy I have it’s like a dementia where I exist less in the current world, whilst still in earnest trying to stay myself.
This is my third rotten time in my professional career where I’ve had to take time off because I feel like a volcano… But not a volcano that would spew molten lava… just one who would threaten to… according to the readings of a geologists tools…
I know I’m rambling… but I think it’s worth to ramble… what I say may resonate with someone else.
I have my last consultation early this week I’ll hopefully be a little back to normal then.
(It was only in my late thirties that adhd became a problem, before then it was my inspiration).