Reply To: Academically-Inclined Folks w/ADHD?


Thank you guys for sharing! It seems like there are lots of people who don’t get diagnosed until after going all the way through school. What Madison.Jarvis said about not having a goal to work towards making life falling apart makes a lot of sense. I thought that the problem was simply that I was overwhelmed with too much to do and when I had JUST work to worry about, my mental health would get a LOT better. Nope. It’s definitely nice not to have a bunch of required social events and assignments and clubs and the pressures of comparison, but now I have NO structure except for work. And no one supporting my creativity and passions. And everything from here on out requires self-starting, which I just… can’t do for some reason. I’m going to have to pay so much extra for a flight to visit family in Colorado because it’s in two weeks and I still haven’t booked it because I just keep procrastinating and forgetting! I feel like a fraud who’s going to fail at being an adult. I think it might be good to see someone and get evaluated, but don’t know where to start. Also I don’t think my dad would believe me because I’m the “smart, successful” child who just needs to “be a little more responsible…” and a lot neater. /: I am seeing a regular family counselor this Monday through my job’s EAP, though, for anxiety/depression/anger/all that jazz.