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I relate to the whole being late in the morning but not for the rest of the day thing. It’s always the first thing, the leave-the-house thing, that I’m late to. Once I’m already “out in the world” it gets easier. I open at work a lot which is usually 7:30AM, which is the worst because then I don’t sleep enough because I can’t get to bed early. But even when I have something that’s later or I wake up earlier, or do the “okay pretend you have to be there 15 minutes earlier” thing, I’ll think, “oh, I have some extra time now! I can do X.” Hahaha no! Thankfully when I open the building (I work at a movie theater) it’s not a big deal because… I’m the first one there and it’s just me, so I’m really just shorting myself a bit of time to get everything ready. But I still beat myself up over it. And it’s almost always exactly seven minutes that I’m late, every time. I have no idea how that happens!!!

Actually this website just posted an article about “time blindness” and all kinds of cool time strategies, and one thing from there that has actually helped me is the idea to put post-its in different rooms of the house that say what time you have to finish and leave that room. i.e. “Leave the bathroom by 7:32” or whatever time you need. The article is here: I hope one of those tips helps you! And remember that it’s not because you’re lazy or stupid. Your brain just literally conceptualizes time itself differently from other people. You sound like a very hard worker and a good teammate!