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Not all meds are the same
Your doc is not always right
Find the best combination for you. A good doc will help you with this.

Hi Daniel,

I work in IT at a high technical level, and I understand your issue. I was diagnosed at 44 years old, and luckily I have found medication life changing. However, it wasn’t a straight forward process.
I was started titration on Xaggatin XL which is amazing. The method was to increase my dosage by 18mg per week until I was on 54mg (3 x 18mg pills. I was then prescribed a single pill of 54mg per day, and it just made my high. Couldn’t concentrate and I felt like I was taking street drugs… I was stoned. After discussing this with my Psychiatrist I returned to the single pills, but then found they wore off after 6 hours. I’m now on 5 x 18mg which i take 3 in the morning and two early afternoon (I work long hours).

Now, I was twice accidentally prescribed Concerta XL which I tried each time, and each time it just left me ‘foggy’. That is, unable to concentrate at the level I could on Xaggatin XL. Concerts and Xaggatn are the same product, except for the fact that they are produced by different companies, on license, but are coated in a different delivery agent. There is a big difference, trust me.

Discuss with your prescribing doc. Get the meds and the balance right and you will discover a new world of focus. It’s amazing.

Good luck my friend.