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Gosh … I am so thankful to have found this thread. My ADD diagnosis goes back almost 25 years and is well documented by both neuropsychologist and neuropsychiatrist at a highly regarded institution. After several years of success with Vyvanse, I was forced to switch to Adderall about 5 years ago when Vyvanse was removed from my insurance carrier’s formulary.

I’ve been seeing my PCP twice yearly for 10+ years, getting 90-day prescriptions alternating with pickup of paper Rx every 6 months. When asked to sign a “controlled substance agreement” in February, I was happy to do so, working in healthcare myself, fully understanding the reasoning behind it and knowing full well my Adderall usage was legitimate and anything but abusive.

Enter new physician to the practice as my PCP begins preparation for retirement. In between 6-month appointments, I call for a refill, just as I have done for years. I present to the office to retrieve and sign for my Rx, and boom – receptionist asks if I can provide a urine sample. There was no explanation of why, and knowing I had nothing to hide, I complied.
Returning back to the front desk, I’m handed my Rx not for the usual 90-day supply but only 30 and a note saying I will need evaluation at a psychology office for ADHD verification for further refills. WHAT?!

What has happened to continuity of care? Has this individual not reviewed 25+ years of medical records? I logged in to my electronic record, and see a list of various diagnoses over the years – most resolved – and the most important one missing! I started to email my PCP through the electronic system but was halted by the character count limitations and decided instead to take a few days to ponder the situation, all the while trying so hard to NOT feel insulted.

When I returned to my electronic record the following week, surprise – ADHD was again listed as my #1 diagnosis! How that happened is still unclear. I did write an email I thought was going to my PCP, only to have it intercepted by “new” doctor who was covering and admitting she “found” my paper records. She also claimed the urine screen was now a “requirement” for anyone on a controlled substance. Finally, I noted the results of not one but TWO urine tests were posted to my record. My amphetamine level was “appropriate,” and I was negative for all the other substances that her $600 testing checked for. Before I could contest the charge, my insurance company paid their $200 portion, leaving me with a $400 invoice.

I have re-reviewed my “controlled substance agreement” multiple times and can find no mention of this testing being mandatory, only that my physician or designee “may order me to be tested.” That document also does not state I agree to PAY for this test, nor was I asked to sign a consent for payment at the time. This is reminiscent of the recent hepatitis testing that was “mandated” … but nobody in Pennsylvania decided who was responsible to pay for the test.

I contacted my MD’s office and moved my next scheduled appointment with my regular PCP to the next available. To be continued … thanks for letting me rant.