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Violet, I do believe there are times when some level of discipline
and punishment are needed. A young person, ADHD or not, is going
to grow up and will need to be able to responsibly and rationally
interact with the rest of society.

She needs to understand, without question, that you, and the rest of
society will not tolerate that kind of behavior. Again, I have no idea
of how you interact with your daughter, but in my experience an angry
sounding MOM can generally gain a child’s attention in a big

Does your daughter have a list of chores or responsibilities she is supposed
to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis? If she gets an allowance, is it earned,
or just given?

Also, does she have activities that keep her busy? A bored child tends to
pack away all that energy and frustration, and the express’s itself in the
tantrums, etc. If she’s been busy all day (active physically and mentally),
is she more likely to be calmer in the evenings?

Violet, I’m just an old guy who was diagnosed over 50 years ago, so my comments
and suggestions are based on my own childhood and life experience. Honestly, I’m
no more qualified at offering advice than any other person, but do try to
help where I can.

You’ve got a lot on your plate right now, so remember that you can’t go
through life walking on egg shells all the time in hopes of not upsetting
anyone. Make the time to take care of yourself!