Reply To: Academically-Inclined Folks w/ADHD?



I wasn’t diagnosed (ADD inattentive type) until I was 35 (17 yrs ago), but I have been a high school teacher for 25 yrs now. I have a Master’s degree plus some course work beyond. While I have struggled organizing around work done all throughout (as well as some social-emotional struggles, too), I have always loved school. The stimulating classroom dynamic was so exciting for me; I loved listening to professors and engaging in classroom dialogue. I just had real difficulty completing assignments or following through on things. Teachers always wondered why I could be so engaged in class (and perform well), but couldn’t seem to get the work done. I was labeled ‘lazy’, ‘spacy’, and only engaged by things that interested me. I was too ashamed to say that I was interested in ALL of it, for fear of exposing myself as the fraud I perceived myself to be.

Even as a teacher, I love the electricity of my classroom. I can engage in multiple topics within a class period, and students respond to my routine. The problem for me is the tedium of lesson planning and the endless correcting of papers. It takes me longer to get things back, as I lose focus when I have to correct a lot of papers. The key for me is being up front with my students and their parents – and understanding that’s kind of what it means to have this condition (I don’t like to call it a disorder).

It sounds like you’re really talented, but have some challenges when it comes to getting things done. The key is knowing where the obstacles are, even when it’s connected to something that energizes/excites you and that you love doing. Then, find someone (like a coach or therapist) who can help you strategize around those challenges – that’s what I’ve done and it really helped in all aspects of my life. I hope this helps, and doesn’t seem too meandering. I’ll check back to see if you respond. Good luck…


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