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You NAILED IT!!!! Yesterday he basically ASKED for a malpractice suit (long story) and I’ve since fired him. That entire group is a complete joke. UNFORTUNATELY, due to me putting my legal career on hold to get my son settled into this new/now old therapy group, I lost my good Insurance and had to make serious financial sacrifices as well – so my son currently has state Insurance which limits us to two groups- one that already failed him after a year and now this one 😭 After my surgery in 2 weeks, I’m getting resumes out to jump back in and start my career again. Once we have my good insurance again, we will be taking him to a private practice. In the meantime, his pediatrician can and will help if his anxiety gets to the point of NEEDING something prior to me having new insurance for him. We also might purchase a plan for him (my family has offered to pay for one until I have insurance through my career again),so we do have options. It felt SO good to fire him yesterday after what he has done 😁😁😁 Haven’t heard back yet lol 🤷