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Thank you for your response. That does actually make me feel a bit better about this doctor, and I totally understand why they want a patient to try and stick it out for two weeks. I guess what bothers me so much is that he gave us ONE med to choose from and completely dismissed my concerns about my 6 year old already being on a beta-blocker at night. I can see a doctor saying “You must give this a trial for at least two weeks” AFTER you’ve agreed upon a medication – but it was like “This is what I’m prescribing him and you need to remember that I went to medical school. Law and medical are two different fields. I can’t do your job and you can’t do mine. If you want treatment for your son, the only way I will agree to further appointments is if he takes this medication.”🤪 I mean, if that’s the norm now, that’s just sad and we’re stuck. But it felt like misuse of his “power” to me. 🤷

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