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The way I see it, you have ADHD- it doesn’t HAVE YOU. It’s something that affects you, and your work, and it’s always there, but it doesn’t have to be a core pillar of WHO you are.
I do personally benefit from some of the creativity and hyperfocus in my job, but that’s me. Sometimes it helps me, and sometimes it’s like having brown hair- it’s just there- and I can change things with medication- but it will always come back.

For me, being diagnosed was such a relief as a child because I thought I had a slow brain and might just be stupid- no matter how hard I worked to change it, I couldn’t. But after being diagnosed, and learning about options, I could change the parts I didn’t like. And it didn’t change my personality or interests, but it made hard things easier- and then I could be who I wanted to be.
I don’t like when my brain feels foggy, when I can’t remember things, “blanking out” all of a sudden and slowing my work. I don’t think I have to like those parts either. But it’s there, I was born with it, and I deal with it. I keep it under wraps and under control when it gets too “uppity” the best I can.

But I will say, with the right mood at the end of the day- I do not need a beer to forget the stresses and relax. That I can get with a comedic show and my ADD. Hah! Cheap thrills.