Reply To: Vyvanse Sides


Dear ny8800,

So, I may not be an adult, or a medical professional, but I can tell you that even as a teen, I experience the same things. I have ADHD, but I think I can realte. I take 40mg Vyvanse, and my self-esteem and confidence took a HUGE blow. I was always a confident, outgoing kid who didn’t care what other’s thought of him, but nowadays anxiety is awful to me. I’m always worried about how someone sees me, or how they feel about the way I act. I want to meet new people, but it’s so hard for me now, I hardly ever meet new people. So I do believe it does cause the serotonin in your brain to be lowered, thus causing your self-esteem and confidence to drop and anxiety to skyrocket. I hope this helped!

Best of Luck