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Oh boy…I was stuck in the same rut not long ago. …and I still have a lot of Wip pieces on my home computer too. For me, I found it hard to finish something if it was just for me. I wouldn’t want to show someone my unfinished piece, but if I’m the only one looking at it and I got the parts done that I wanted most…I don’t know, I would just get bored with it. I could work more on it. I TRIED. But, it didn’t make me happy. And if it didn’t make me feel good doing it, why was I doing it?
The truth is, I’m not much better at this. I try to stick to smaller pieces in my off time when I just need to draw or create something. But I have a job where I have been asked to draw and create things. I work in Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop almost every day now for work- and I made my boss give me deadlines, and I do get things done! If it’s for someone else, and they need me and my skills- that helps me. So these days, I don’t think about all the half-done wip stuff as much…it helps just to have something I’m assigned, get it done, and move it along. I do try to not start a side-project if I don’t have the idea fleshed out enough though. That probably does save some space on my computer.