Reply To: Generic Ritalin


Good Grief our system is so broken in the United States

Of 4 Pharmacies I just called, Kinney Drugs (Regional chain) Walmart, Hannafords, (Another regional) and Walgreens, nobody in Walgreens would even pick up the phone after 5 minutes. Kinney told me who they are buying from, Northstar at the moment, Hannafords is buying from Malincort, and Walmart has a policy that they won’t tell you who they are buying from.(WTF?) Nobody would give me pricing, they have to actually have an Rx in order to determine what the final price will be after insurance deals.

So not only are we paying too much for meds, we can’t effectively price shop for the best deals. I don’t even know where to start with this crap!

I don’t do well when I get treated like a sheep.