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Wow Penney, I read that article by Dr. Amen … thank you !
While I am getting off track on this thread as to N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (as opposed to regular L-Tyrosine or stimulant meds), his article talks about an “Over-Focused ADD” which sounds very similar to OCD. I developed “OCD symptoms” at age 38 which has always to be odd timing. Zoloft (an SSRI) worked for 8 years (though tended to make me a bit groggy and “very creative”) until I was in late peri-menopause and then my bigger issue became worsening “focus type issues”. Btw I have heard, re Zoloft, that while it is meant to increase serotonin (via inhibiting re-uptake), it inadvertently also does the same, to lesser degree, for dopamine. Now I am almost two years “after” menopause. I tried the Adderall XR three times last week. It did not make me more anxious … it made me more calm and “focused on the task at hand” and it emptied my brain of “the chatter”. Not a result one would expect from a stimulant med if my issue is “just OCD”.