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ADD is a condition that predisposes us to inattention and impulsiveness. When you honestly sit back and assess that, you can’t say for certainty that it made you more or less employable or a ‘better’ friend or partner. If you wanted to fly Navy jets or be a rodeo clown you just don’t have the brain to do that as there is no margin for errors due to distraction.

I don’t see that being ‘creative’ should be a pejorative in the workplace. Then again I don’t know what kind of field you work as an engineer. If it happens to be in building nuclear power plants or space-craft, see above for that advice as they too have no room for error*. I have found that what I can do is combine a wider grouping of ideas, concepts and practical knowledge together to find solutions. As my mind is not always on a single path or rut I frequently find that the stuff bleeding into it offers ways to do things that may not be conventional, but a good fit. The best way I can describe that is I am always looking for solutions that have the least amount of ‘moving parts’, cutting out the processes or variables that will make a task mindlessly repetitive or require more oversight.

This may be of interest to you. My field of expertise is Information Management (not IT, working with data) and I find that having tasks that are not project-based works best for me. Ones that require problem-solving on demand and getting clients’ expectations to be reasonable based on the resources and time available.

*if you ever feel that you might have made a really careless error at work, read up on the story of ‘The Demon Core’ AKA what NOT to do if you have 14 lbs of sub-critical plutonium lying around in your workplace