Reply To: Help with meds?


I wish I had heard of this 20 years ago when my son was diagnosed with ADHD/ODD…what a nightmare…my son wouldn’t take medication because of his ODD and the influence of his grandparents telling him he didn’t have to cuz it would turn him into a zombie…they were too worried that with his IQ, it would cause him to not be as functional. Only problem is kids with ADHD/ODD need something that encourages focus and the ability to sit still. I think it would have helped his compulsive behavior as well. 40+ years later, I was diagnosed with ADD, and after always questioning myself if I was the host of his, I found out it is often hereditary. He should be on medication (especially cuz now he has severe social anxiety) but I feel better knowing that what I always felt in my gut, was seemingly validated. And ODD left untreated or unmanaged is a different animal all on its own….at almost half my life expectancy, I finally feel like I have gotten control of much of my thoughts and feelings. It feels good that my brain doesn’t shut down anymore and I can think more clearly. I wish it didn’t take all this time to finally get help for myself and hopefully my son chooses to do something about it also.