Reply To: Speech Issues


Oh boy…this sounds like I am reading my biography!! So much mumbo jumbo and I also talk at a much lower volume than most. I have to express myself through writing and have clear focus to do so. I do feel anxiety is part of it, but lately I started to question whether or not I had an acute form of narcolepsy also. It’s like part of my brain starts to go to sleep when I am talking and I literally cannot find words in my word bank in my brain. I feel it gets harder at certain moments and I can literally start to see blank space. I do get over-excited at times when I take an interest in what I’m talking about or my passion gets sparked. That is when I feel at my best. But I do wonder where this void comes from, kinda like when your computer hard drive becomes fragmented and you’re looking for the missing cluster…but you are not alone. 🙂