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This is great to know!! So I have been on Adderall and Vyvanse (as explained in the original post)

Adderall doesn’t effect my mood the way Vyvanse does; however, I don’t feel like either of the drugs work throughout the day. I’m currently on Adderall XR and it works wonderfully in the morning before I eat anything but I feel like once lunch hits and I eat anything the effects wear off. Neither amphetamine stimulants cause me anxiety, in fact they help my anxiety by allowing me to organize my thoughts, but I still don’t feel like theyre working to their full capacity. What would you recommend?

The problem I’m facing with medications is knowing whether it’s working. I have spent 21 years thinking that my brain functioned normally so I have found ways to cope with a lot of these symptoms (thinking the way I processed information was normal and I was just lazy or needed to exert more self-control — essentially assuming for 21 years that I needed to “try harder”) so now that I know that my brain functions AREN’T entirely normal, I find it hard to decipher whether my medication is doing what it’s supposed to. What does a successful ADD medication feel like? How do I know its working to it’s full capacity?