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Sam k

Hi I was referred to an adhd specialist here in the Uk last October, I’ve been told I’m on a very long waiting list.
I have tried every antidepressant going, those drugs DO NOT work on adhd, when prescribed alone, so you are right not to take them.
My obsession is also food, anything and everything to do with food, I wonder if that’s a bit autism in me as narrowed interests are one of the signs. Addictive behaviour is also a symptom of adhd, I have a tea addiction, I literally can’t get through the day without endless cups, loaded with sugar which is bad for people like us! My excessive sugar intake has raised my blood sugar and left me with a load of belly fat. I am not working at the moment which doesn’t help, as I graze throughout the day, countless trips to the kitchen, I think that’s what’s causing my reflux. I’m not sure if it’s boredom or maybe a comfort thing, it could even be a symptom of adhd, maybe some malfunction in the Brain is causing us to over eat.
I know the overwhelming despair that comes with adhd, I wish I could be normal, I’m half he person I should be. I desperately need stimulant drugs, which may not be prescribed to me as I have stage 2 kidney disease. Trouble with Drugs is side effects, one of them bring weight gain, another is anxiety, so most likely I will be prescribed an antidepressant to cope with that. Anxiety in itself as you will know is a massive part of adhd.