Reply To: Generic Adderall


I had just received the Mallinckrodt brand from my cvs and I’ve always taken Teva, and it’s worked for me but I prefer the Sandoz brand it doesn’t have the bad crash towards the end of the day. But from all that I’ve read so far is that this Mallinchrodt brand sucks and I’m afraid it’s not going to work for me. It also says in my account that I prefer the Sandoz brand and she didn’t even tell me that they changed the brand on me. I get that it depends on what they have but still can’t you have the decency to let me know before you fill so I can take it elsewhere?! I’m going to be incredibly upset if doesn’t do anything. I have very bad add and constantly being switched to different brands constantly is really aggravating when trying to just get through daily activities! I wish there was some way for me to return it and get the other brand!