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Hello, I do digital artwork as well and like you have many unfinished pieces. So I totally understand. The interesting part of each piece is the first part … when it is being developed. There can be a long tedious process of finishing details. I have found some ways to cope with this, and to “finish”. You are not alone in this. Robert Bateman, who does the very fine detailed natural paintings (he even uses a magnifying glass), loses interest part way through. I read that he does his paintings in batches (of a limited number) … say six for example … with each painting at a different stage. So he might force himself to work on the “details” of one painting in the morning and then in the afternoon reward himself by working on a newer painting that is still in the fun developmental stage. Or perhaps he works on several at a time on different easels (rotating) idk. But I find that thinking in ” batches”, and working in batches, helps keep me more interested. And digitally, I can group pieces together in a file by type / subject etc. As long as I am putting in the hours, and don’t keep starting new pieces, but instead rotate what I am working on, then at some point it will all get done I figure. And switching it up helps make everything seem a little more “new” … so I am not as tempted to start yet another piece. Kinda like toys in a toy box.