Reply To: Generic Adderall


I’m also new to the forum but NOT new to ADD and generic Adderall. A few months ago, I had a bad reaction to Teva (my mail-order pharmacy had given me Teva instead of the usual Auribindo). I was lying on my back in the middle of my living room floor, crying because my neck hurt so bad. And I’m not a cryer. It finally dawned on me that nothing had changed except the generic Adderall. So I went to my prescribing doctor, gave her the rest of the bottle, and she wrote a new prescription that said “No Teva generic” plainly on it.
All was well for a few months, and now my local CVS pharmacies say they can’t get ANY generic Adderall, don’t know why and don’t know when. I have to use CVS because of our insurance. I finally found a CVS that said they DID have it, and I managed to get the pharmacist to fill the prescription (she didn’t want to because I’m not a “regular” customer at that particular CVS). Whew, problem averted – or so I thought. Grab the bottle, only to get home and find out it’s Teva. Despite the fact that the prescription had “No Teva generic” written plainly ON ITS FACE. And the pharmacist was giving ME a hard time because I’m not her regular customer? She didn’t even read what was written on the paper.
So I’m suffering through a month of Teva by breaking the pills in half. Of course the half-pills don’t work as well, but so far no neck pain (it has only been five days, so we’ll see).
I get really tired of being made to feel like a criminal or a drug-seeker. I’m just trying to get the pills that make my life SO much easier (and make my boss happy because I actually get things done).
There cannot be a nationwide shortage of Auribindo (the brand I happen to like).
Is there nothing we can do?
I know, I’m the voice crying in the wilderness here, but I feel like we all are.
Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.