Reply To: Vyvanse increasing blood pressure


I have found your posts really helpful and really surprised at how many people have been newly diagnosed at my age! I am 46 and was diagnosed 8 months ago and started Vyvanse 40 mg and then 20 on an afternoon when I remember. But my blood pressure really concerns me it’s usually around 145/96 and my HR 90, my bp was always high but gp was reluctant to start bp medication because he thought my bp was related to white coat syndrome lol! As a nurse this is very unlikely!
I am taking lisinapril 10mg and amalodapine 5mg on a night before bed but I don’t think they’re changing my blood pressure much? Do anyone have any advice for me please? I also take Citalapram for anxiety which was prescribed years ago (7+) which I also take on a night. I take these meds on a night thinking that they will interact with my adhd medication.
Any advice would for me please? I would be very great full because I really want to be healthy and have a full life ☺️