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I have found that it is next to impossible to commit to performance-based indicators for work performed. That means I have gravitated to roles that tend to be open-ended. The usually are ones that aren’t project-based and rely on providing support roles across the organisation, where you have no fixed or time-based goals. Right now, I am providing a help-desk support to a mediumish-sized local government agency. There is a primary need to provide operational advice and fixes on-demand, not to arrange to work to a plan.

Saying that however, I have always found that if I provide enough evidence-based results to bosses that there is a minimal risk of having conflict with line-managers. That means having to provide a regular report on activities and outcomes and reporting on ‘extras’, items that have come up and may or may not be resolved. I have had to invent some methods of quantifying things that take place that aren’t even obvious to others and find metrics that are suitable to make an impression. A monthly report with clear graphics and a comparison between previous months or other periods means that you have solid evidence that work is taking place and can be measured.

I am hoping that this is of some use. If you are required to also direct and monitor the work of others, I’d suggest looking to other supervisory staff that have a rep as being honest performers – not just stars or those who are the best performers. You need to have their advice on how to deal with difficult situations or difficult staff as that can be the worst problems. Ones where you have to maintain a regular focus and constantly monitor someone. Not our strong points as we tend to BE that person.