Reply To: Help with meds?


Thank you all so much for the replies. I guess it’s just difficult because our main issue with her is careless mistakes and concentrating in school and with it being summer we just can’t tell as well. She is not hyperactive, so we don’t see much difference there. She just seems tired and subdued. We are going to try the 30mg Vyvanse for a few days and I guess get the 20 mg called in and try that if she’s still tired and has lack of energy on the 30mg? I wish there was a generic.

The 30mg is still a low dose for Vyvanse, right? She is 5’7 and around 125 if that helps. She is adult sized for sure! I just don’t want her on too much I guess is my main concern with the dosage. Is that why she could be tired? The 20-30mg is too much? We are just so confused. I would love to do the swab, but I keep reading it’s around $300. Does insurance not help with that? Sorry for all of the questions and thank you so much!