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You’re alright. I love using Lean methodology to keep things in order: eight wastes and 5S. They’re for manufacturing but can be used for nearly anything.

The fourth S of the 5S method is especially helpful as is an understanding of the 5th waste.


1 Sort
2 Set order
3 Shine
4 Standardise
5 Sustain

Eight Wastes

1 Overproduction (Product)
– Only do what is needed and can be handled
– Avoid pile ups

2 Delays (Time)
– Minimise waiting
– Avoid breaking flow

3 Transportation (Workplace)
– Create a production line
– Avoid shuffling things around

3 Complication (Process)
– Keep it simple.
– Avoid overwork

4 Inventory (Storage)
– Minimal stock piles
– Avoid hoarding

5 Commotion (Tools)
– Keep tools in the order of the steps
– Avoid running back and forth

6 Defects (Quality)
– Plan to avoid common mistakes
– Avoid repeat defects

7 Talent (People)
– Let other people do the work their own way
– Avoid micromanaging