Reply To: Pink 30mg IR from EPIC PHARMA


I also get 30mg pinkish tablets from Walgreens. Over the last 2 months it’s felt like Adderall has just completely stopped working for me and even if I were to take triple the daily prescribed amount, there would still be minimal to no effect. No increase in focus or its concomitant positive feelings of interest and engagement. Adderall has never made me feel super awake, but usually it takes away the feeling of constant fatigue and gives me a normal energy level (basically what I assume most biologically & neurologically well-adjusted people experience every day). Hope it’s the manufacturer making faulty pills! Because returning to my baseline state pre-amphetamine medication is not a functional or even live-able option. And prescribers seem so much more concerned with protecting all the non-ADHD alleged stimulant addicts from themselves, that those of us with this physical disability are
are left to endure with inadequate treatment. If things were different and caring for actual patients was the clinical focus, I wouldn’t have to be terrified that adderall has stopped working. I can’t even get enough pills per month to cover a full 12-16 hour day since prescribers are more concerned about going against a nearly baseless FDA guideline than leaving patients unmedicated half of each day. Let alone get an effective Adderall alternative if needed, like Desoxyn (read it’s 100% substantiated as the most effective for treating ADD) or ideally a combination stimulant therapy to better address my entire symptom range. So fingers crossed it’s just temporarily bad adderall manufacturing !