Reply To: It started with phentermine


Hi, wow sounds so much like me! I actually started taking phentermine for weight loss and found my anxiety went away, I had the focused energy and could think more clearly. Felt more motivated as well. I still get the phentermine when I go in for my b12 shots but save it for when I’m going to go into a situation where I know my anxiety will shoot up. It works wonders! I have an addictive personality so I only try drugs without Benzos for my anxiety. Nothing really works. So finding this helped so much. My psychologist doesn’t approve though.

Anyway, everything you have said sounds so much like me. My strong emotions to negativity. I can’t watch news or even be on Facebook seeing all the missing children. I remember things my teachers, friends and bosses said and i feel it effects how I think and my focus on certain tasks. My energy, focus and motivation have been low for awhile and was told it’s depression. So I’m wondering about Adderall now. I don’t feel I have anything like ADD but I’m not a doctor. Thanks for this post, I’ll have to do some soul searching of my own and dig deeper into myself to find what’s going on.