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Hi LoriR, thanks for the reply.

It’s honestly like she doesn’t even realise she’s interrupting. Even if you carry on talking, most people would realise then and stop talking but she just carries on. It’s as if her brain is on its own thing, or she sort of knows she’s interrupting because she sometimes apologises for it, but then does it repeatedly.

With her being my supervisor it’s sort of hard to say something. I’ve noticed that everyone else is a little uncomfortable with it too, she even talks over the top of our manager. I think everyone is just far too polite to say anything. Also, I feel even if you were to say you needed to finish your point, and I have been quite firm at times with carrying on what I’m saying to get my point across, she still carries on interrupting.

I guess it’s one of those things that I just have to put up with. I just find it a little hard at times.