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So one thing I’ve learned is people don’t care beyond their own cares for the most part. Are you sure that your boss is singling you out? One thing that I have learned is that people knowingly or unknowingly smell weakness in confidence. If you know you are doing your best and have a good system in place then don’t worry about it.

If your boss has said before they like your work then I wouldn’t assume the worst. Sometimes they are hard on you to push you to improve to see if they can give you a good raise and promote you.

If you have concerns about that flat out ask if you haven’t already, how they feel about you. Ask if there are certain behaviors that annoy them. It takes balls to ask but if you do it in a way that shows confidence and you’re being understanding it will help in the long run.

I had a senior person (not management) get into micro managing me and it pissed me off. I would be glad when he left for the day. I talked to him and that helped some but one day he tried it and I just was especially upset and went to my desk. He realized he screwed up and came by a few minutes later and I said I was not having a good day and ever since he has been better. Sometimes you have to show that it upsets you within reason. That was an extreme example.

Hope this helps.