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Luann, if anything in this life, I’ve learned you can’t control
what other people think, or believe. Some folks get an idea in
their head, and to them that becomes gospel. Some people just
are not open to considering that they may be wrong in their thinking.

My #2 wife was very much like that. If she decided the Moon was
made out of green cheese, then by-God it was, and trying to change
her mind was a complete waste of time. To this day I tease her about

You might remind them that the average individual has between
three and five careers in the working lifetime. Don’t know you,
but I’d hazard a guess that you left companies because you wanted
a different challenge?

BTW, Congrats on the four degrees! I survived one year of Jr. college
and decided that there was too much life to be lived and I wasn’t sitting
around a classroom any longer.

As a young man I got hooked on reading Louis L’Amour westerns, Zane
Grey, and the poetry of Robert Service. Besides their writing careers,
these were men who had many different careers, and it was because they
wanted to experience all that life had to offer. It wasn’t the money,
but the journey, the adventure that led them into so many diverse
occupations. They didn’t get rich, but it certainly deepened their
life experience.

As for your four siblings, they are going to believe what they choose
to, but you can always hope, in time, that they’ll come around. ADHD
is an invisible disease; it doesn’t show up on blood tests, but like the
wind we know it’s there as we can certainly measure it’s effects.

All the best to ya…