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I hear my story in every comment. 18 months ago I left a relationship of 18 months because of his ADHD. Man-child ✔so funny✔ not serious when he should be✔ works✔ starts a lot of stuff but doesnt complete✔ always has $ for what he wants to do (play darts) but the water bill may be late or in arrears✔ I’d get so upset by this and like others have said, lose respect for him because I have a daughter with ADHD, I dont need another child with it! I trusted him to go home to TX with his adult son & gf at Xmas to visit his family while my daughter & I stayed home by ourselves because there wasn’t room in the car for all of us. Christmas day I didnt even get a call, I got a text message & it was what he sent everyone on his list. WASNT EVEN A PERSONAL TEXT TO ME! He didnt even see the problem with that! Believe me I wasnt blowing up his phone while he was gone because I know how schedules go “right out the window” sometimes while visiting family. We spoke maybe twice that week. He worked like I said, but then he’d come home and literally “check out” in front of the TV for hours. Whenever you would ask him about getting himself together, he’d get defensive or say, Baby steps, baby steps. Well, I got tired of watching the baby taking forever to even try to walk on his own. I believe I dodged a bullet but at 50 the ” breeding pool” of decent, normal , nice guys, not living at home with their parents is getting smaller & smaller. Ugh! Good luck to all of you legally tied to ADHD’ers

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