Reply To: Starting things


In the 20 years since my diagnosis I have tried just about every adhd drug except concerta/Ritalin and I can tell you one thing: every medication affects everyone differently, even at different times in our lives. This is in part because other things besides meds have an impact on our neurotransmitters, like exercise, stress, protein intake, etc.

Unfortunately, finding the right medication or combination of medications is trial and error. And medication is not a cure-all for adhd symptoms. You may do better to think of it as a step ladder to help you reach and use the other tools in your adhd toolkit.

There’s a great YouTube video from How To ADHD called “Climbing the Wall of Awful” that you might find really helpful. It talks about *why* it’s so hard to get started sometimes (hint:overwhelm!) but also how to get past the wall and actually get started.

For me, if it’s overwhelm from too many tasks, I just pick one thing and dive in, even if it isn’t really the “beginning” of the task. Just anything to get started is better than mulling over what to start on and how.

Good luck on your medication journey and remember that it can be a long time til you find what works, but that doesn’t mean nothing will or that all meds are bad!